Meditate With Intention Using Brainwave Entrainment

The meditative state is a frequency in the brain that opens up your mind to the stillness of the subconscious, a place that stands between your reality and the collective unconscious.

Most meditative practices call for a state of no mind, no thinking... just the watching of your thoughts. This in itself, can be very powerful.

Being able to release yourself from the stressed out brainwave frequency of beta, that you are usually in to survive in the world today, can install a wealth of benefits mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Meditating with intention is slightly different then your standard meditation.

Intention meditation is about thinking, with feeling, in a brainwave frequency of creation. Essentially, you are requesting, from the collective unconscious, a particular result for your conscious intent.

You are asking for something, with the power of emotion, and focusing on a result.

Brainwave entrainment, a powerful proven scientific technology that changes the brain by creating new neural networks, amplifies intention meditation, strengthening your intentions and results.

Instead of using a mantra to focus your mind on one thought, with intentional meditation, you repeat your intention, over and over again, once you've reached a meditative state brought on quickly by brainwave entrainment.

For Best Results Before You Begin Your Meditation...

Decide what it is that you wish to manifest and let the strongest intention come to the top.Write your intention down in a clear statement.Project yourself forward and feel what it would be like to be living with your manifested intention.

Take this intention, complete with the feeling of already receiving your request, and bring it into your meditation.

This method of meditation is very similar to the one used in the move "The Secret" where they place an order with the universe.


Place your order.Be clear about what you want.The universe will hear you and start creating your request.Start attracting your intended desire.Pay attention and act on inspiration.Trust the process and let go.

Using intention meditation, you quieten the mind, make a connection with the collective unconscious, the place of creating, and put in your request.

Utilizing brainwave entrainment with an intention meditation, is a fast and efficient way to send out your intentions and see results.

Getting into and maintaining a meditative state, naturally takes time-maybe years, to be effective for manifesting your desires.

Brainwave entrainment speeds up this process and makes it stick because you are able to maintain a brainwave frequency for a long period of time.

I'm sure you'd rather start manifesting your intentions now, instead of years down the road.

Brainwave entrainment helps bring the manifestation of your desires into the "now."

What are you waiting for?

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