Meditation Techniques for the Beginners

Often you must be wondering how to counter your burnout signs. Meditation techniques can prove to be very effective in taking your mind to a state of relaxation. A mind free of tension and scattered thoughts will guide you to inner peace and will induce tight sleep. Now the question is how to meditate for beginners?

Meditation techniques for the beginners:

You can start with finding a place for practicing meditation, which is calm and free of any kind of disturbances. The place should be absolutely noiseless. Now sit down and try to get yourself accustomed with the ambiance of the place. Keep your legs crossed, make sure that you sit comfortably. Rest both the hands on your lap, slowly close your eyes, and relax. It is not mandatory to sit in a lotus position. It is more important to maintain a correct posture and focus on the art of attaining inner bliss.
Now as the next step you must learn to control your breathing process. Begin with few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds, and exhale it through your mouth. Perform this breathing exercise 10 times. You must ensure that you breathe slowly. Once you are done with this process, inhale the cool fresh air through one nostril, hold the breath for sometime, and then exhale the warm air through the other nostril. Practice this 10 times. This particular breathing exercise will help you increase your concentration level. Forced breathing can disturb your natural tempo to a great extent. You must take long shallow breathe in such a way as to inhale more air in order to fill your lungs. Once you have reached this level continue breathing in a deep manner.
You can chant mantras like 'om'. If you are practicing meditation for the first time it is quite natural that several thoughts will keep darting through your mind and you will lose your focus. However there is no reason to worry, you will master the art over the period of time. Practice this meditation session for 15 minutes, rub your palms and place them in such a manner so as to cover your face. Slowly get ready to open your eyes, uncover your face, and gradually open your eyes. Stretch both your hands in the upward direction. Now slowly bend forward and try to make your forehead touch the ground.

Meditation has many advantages. Effective meditation techniques help you to:

relieve stressreduce painincrease your mental activitywill boost up your metabolismwill help to strengthen the immune system of your bodywill help you to control your blood pressure levelwill help you to regulate hormonal flowwill help you to fight sleeplessnesswill help you to remove all the negative vibrations such as jealousy, anger, depression, frustration, and ego, which hampers your social and personal dealings.

You probably have got satisfying answer to your question how to meditate for beginners?

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Meditation Music Makes It Easy

We've all heard of mood music, but "music to meditate to"? It sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? Of course, the power of meditation to speed healing, enhance mood - all those good things have been scientifically proven and are widely accepted today.

But many people find it difficult to reach the fabled Alpha relaxation state in simple meditation. It can take months of practice to learn to sustain an Alpha state for any length of time. And as for the deeper Delta and Theta states! They can require a real adept and years of practice.

Robert A Monroe, creator and founder of the famed Monroe Institute and perhaps best-known for his books on out-of-body experiences, was actually a highly successful sound engineer by profession. He discovered that by playing music with different beats in each ear, the brain itself would become entrained and pulse at the difference between the two beats. Using this "binaural" beat technology, it was possible to select which frequency to entrain the brain to, and by listening to Alpha binaural beats the brain was placed in the Alpha (7 - 13 beats) meditation state.

With the deeper states it was found best to first entrain to Alpha for a while. After this it can be lowered to Theta (4 - 7) for a while before going to Delta (0.1 - 4 beats). The Beta (13 - 60) brainwave state is the normal waking state.

This discovery revolutionized meditation for many people. At the flick of a switch it became possible to get into the Alpha state. And the deeper meditation states could be reached 10 - 20 minutes later.

The Alpha state is a state of non-arousal. This is the best state for quiet contemplation, relaxation and learning. There is research which indicates that, while the cortex operates at Alpha or Beta (normal waking state for adults), the hippocampus operates at the Theta frequency. By extension, the brain stem may operate at the Delta frequency. So getting into theta puts you more in touch with your emotions. Delta would then be related to autonomic body functions. So the deeper brainwave states may help further in releasing tensions and healing.

Binaural Beats (which require the use of headphones) were discovered in the 60's and 70's - eons ago in terms of modern technology! Nowadays we also have Monaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Trypnaural Isochronic Tones. None of these newer technologies require headphones. Many of them are now mixed with relaxing music and are now offered as music to meditate to and considered very effective.

If you are interested in meditating, but don't want to waste months learning how (and who has the time, these days) then there are hundreds meditation mp3s available online free or for purchase and immediate download.

And proven Binaural Beat meditation CDs are available from The Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync), as well as Centerpointe (Holo-Sync) and other similar websites. You can even get free software to generate these beats and tones and super-impose them on your choice of relaxation music.

The proven health and mental benefits of meditation are easily available to anyone with an mp3 player or a CD player. Other beneficial music such as Solfeggio tones can be combined with entrainment pulses to enhance their effect. With the easy availability of this music, why hesitate? Get yourself some highly effective, technologically advanced music to meditate to and improve your life in many ways within minutes.

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The Serenity Path System Is Taught?

Using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques, from Yoga to Meditation to whole body relaxation and release. Which combination is best for you? With The Serenity Path System, you'll discover the perfect blend that works best for your personality and learning style.

The good news is that Serenity Path is the only process of its kind to offer the widest range of the most effective modalities available today, giving you the freedom to tailor-make your personalized Serenity Path as an enjoyable, intuitive and energizing process.

The following connection techniques are embedded into the Serenity Path system:

Connection Technique 1: Instant Relaxation and Whole Body Release

The Serenity Path System is the only program of its kind to fully integrate instant relaxation and whole body release into its curriculum.

Said to be developed by a contemporary of the Buddha himself, the instant relaxation technique taught in The Serenity Path System gives you immediate and instant relief. It elegantly connects your body with your energetic and spiritual nature in an effortless and natural way.

Every module in The Serenity Path System contains a variety of specially created relaxation techniques that are customizable for your personal needs.

Connection Technique 2: Mental Focus and Connection Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the best known and most widely used spiritual tool in use today.

Millions of people around the world use it on a regular basis to experience feelings of enhanced relaxation, clarity, healing, and intuition.

The Serenity Path System contains its own proprietary set of meditation exercises that will quickly open your ability to experience abundance, health, and relationship success in ways you never thought possible.

Connection Technique 3: Love and Compassion Booster

The Love and Compassion Connection Technique has been used by many different peoples throughout history, including the Chinese, Egyptians, the Hawaiian islanders and the Hopi Indians of Arizona.

It involves focusing your thoughts and feelings on people and/or objects for which you want to experience a greater sense of love and connection. The Serenity Path system allows you to use this technique to jump start and strengthen your relationship bonds.

Connection Technique 4: Visualization and Energy Booster

Next to meditation, visualization is one of the most popular spiritual techniques used today.

By visualizing a premeditated scenario and outcome, and infusing this outcome with emotions, you'll quickly achieve otherwise impossible results quickly and easily.

The Serenity Path System guides you as you create for yourself a variety of personalized Guided Visualization Exercises focusing on envisioning, and quickly creating the future you desire and deserve.

Connection Technique 5: Reframing

Rooted in the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, reframing is the method of changing your mind's perception of a certain event, memory or person, into a perception that will positively benefit your current reality.

For example instead of perceiving your father as 'overbearing', you can reframe your mind to think of him as 'protective.' By training your mind to constructively evaluate your experiences, reframing allows you to overcome emotional blockages that may be interfering with your sense of inner peace.

Connection Technique 6: Rapid Eye Movement Technology (REMT)

Do your emotions tend to get the best of you a little more often than you'd like? REMT is a safe and natural process designed to eliminate virtually any form of emotional stress.

It burrows deep into your subconscious and identifies and eliminates underlying trapped fears that cause anxiety, stress, and unwanted negative emotions. Many experts describe it as "talking to your brain in its own language."

Connection Technique 7: Affirmations and Abundance

Affirmations are positive statements designed to reinforce a certain idea or desire in your subconscious mind.

By affirming that you are healthy, for example, you'll find yourself automatically taking steps to becoming healthy with minimal effort and resistance. This modality is implemented in The Serenity Path System through affirmations that are personalized for you.

Connection Technique 8: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a form of practice that eliminates unresolved traumatic memories and experiences, such as abuse, betrayal or hurt, that may be holding you back and blocking your sense of peace in your current reality.

This is accomplished by tapping on your body's acupuncture points with your fingers, and adjusting your body's sense of itself to its optimal, peaceful and relaxed state.

Connection Technique 9: Breathing with Ease

Breathing techniques are used in a variety of healing modalities, from meditation to yoga, to improve your focus and general well being.

By training your body to breathe the right way, you'll be able to enter a state of mind conducive to connecting with your higher self and experiencing permanent and lasting inner contentment.

If you simply want a 20-bedroom house or a Ferrari sports car, then this is NOT for you.

However, if you're seeking something much more valuable, something deeper, and permanent, then you're in the right place.

Surely you've seen many of the get rich quick schemes and instant riches solutions sold by many of the self help gurus on television and elsewhere. We both know none of that works right? But why?

There are many reasons, but one of the main ones is that every other product out there offers a one-size-fits-all solution.

These guys and gals get up on stage, or in front of a camera trying to sell their cookie-cutter solutions expecting the exact same book or DVD-set to be right right solution for a million different people. Of course that will never work. We all know "One size fits all never does."

You're unique and have individual needs and ways of living and being. How can you expect that something as intimate and personal and as your SPIRITUAL PRACTICE not be individualized and custom.

The Serenity Path System is created to allow YOU to choose YOUR best path. An individualized, personalized system that gives you OPTIONS to choose what works best for you. Because only YOU know what suits your needs.

I had to discover the personalized path that I now take on my journey towards being a better person, and living a calmer, more loving, giving, and abundant life.

Now, through teaching others I've developed a system that allows you to quickly and easily discover you own personal path.

And more importantly, I've put together a group of methods that have been tested and proven over time, that when combined by you with my outline, will work for the exact personality and lifestyle that you're living right now!

Are you a mom, a businessperson, middle manager? You like to run three miles every day, or are you more comfortable sitting in front of your computer? The exciting thing is doesn't matter!

You'll craft your personalized routine from the selection of methods in The Serenity Path System that you can connect with on a regular basis to calm your mind, relax your body, and allow you to experience the relationships, health and abundance you already know is possible deep down within you!

Discovering the natural method for instant stress relief and effective mind and body healing, to learn more

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