Getting Through A Divorce For Men - The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is defined as "to be in continuous contemplative thought" according to Webster's Dictionary. Records of its practice date back 5000 years ago, first referenced most notably through Buddha and the Hindu religion, but its practice seems to be evident in all major religions. Bear in mind, these records only document meditations existence when a written form of language was available.

Some experts believe meditation can have been present as long as 40-50,000 years ago. Their reasoning being, meditation is awareness, so in our evolutionary progression, when we first became aware, it was a form of meditation. This awareness is proposed to be present with the use of tools from that time period.

Regardless, meditation is here. There are 2 fundamental foundations of meditation leading the search for inner peace and both can be highly beneficial when going through a divorce. The two types, concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation, can bring the practitioner to a calm, restful state and have healthy physical byproducts that can further enhance our well being.

Some of the health benefits of meditation include:
Lower blood pressureIncrease blood flowControl chronic painSome studies have shown meditation may reverse effects of heart disease

Not only are there physiological benefits of meditation, but psychological improvements are also reported:
Emotional controlReduced stress and anxietyImproved concentrationIncreased self esteem and confidence

Concentrative Meditation

Concentrative meditation incorporates the use of focus in its practice. With this technique, the individual focuses on a specific item such as breathing, counting, or a single word like FOCUS to narrow their attention. I find this to be best practiced in a quiet area, allowing me to focus my concentration on a specific thing. Many times this type of meditation can be indicated by the reverberate "ohm" chanting.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation practice opens you to awareness, leading to enlightenment. With this form of meditation, the individual concentrates on everything around them; sound, the feel of the breeze on your skin, smell. Notice and allow random thought to pass through the mind without judgment or preconceptions. I have found this to be very refreshing when done out in nature, appreciating everything around you. You can find a strong awareness and sense of now with mindfulness meditation.

Both forms of meditation are highly useful, extremely so when getting through a divorce. For men, emotional displays or breakdowns are socially unacceptable and can embarrassing. This can make meditation a perfect opportunity to rediscover yourself and develop acceptance of the things around you. There isn't much help getting through divorce for men, so meditation can allow us to help ourselves.

The benefits of meditation don't end at helping us getting through a divorce. For men, women and children, the benefits of meditation can be woven into everyday moments. Through practice, the benefits of meditation can bring light to all parts of your life.

Getting through a divorce for men is a challenging and sometimes disparaging battle that can drain us emotionally and physically. Learn how to meditate and find other resources for self discovery and the enjoyment of life here. Remember, the best gift you can give yourself right now is time.

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