The Benefits and Meaning of Meditation

Meditation wisely and accurately defined is "a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state" from an article titled, "The real meaning of meditation" by Swami Rama. This article and various other writings from very well known yoga and meditation teachers or guru's are trying to give you the easiest and simplest way of living a more balanced centered, grounded and happy life as possible. This article will be giving some of the very basic instructions for beginning a meditation practice and some of many benefits it will have in your life.

A regular meditation practice can only bring out positive outcomes in your life; practiced regularly ideally at the same time and the same place everyday is the best way to gain ease into your regular daily practice. With a regular and consistent practice you will begin to see yourself and your surroundings in a more calm, even, balanced, comfortable and positive way. Meditation is a science followed in a particular order, has definite principles and produces results that can be verified. It is the art of letting go and turning inward, focusing on the self to so each person can have a better understanding of themselves.

The benefits of meditation and yoga are being more relaxed and comfortable in many situations, loss of chronic pain due to stress and holding onto emotions in the body. You will gain the ability of learning how to let go of past events in your life that are holding you back or limiting you in any way. You will also learn how to control and feel your body in a more systematic way focusing on the breath to relax and nourish the body.

The basics of beginning a regular and consistent meditation practice start with your space. A quiet and clutter free space with no noise or distractions are the best. It's also best to practice at the same time in the same place every day to give you the best potential to meditating fully and comfortably.

Begin by sitting cross legged on comfortable mats pillows or blankets. You also can do this lying on your back on a comfortable mat or blanket. First focus on the breath and the body; begin breathing through your diaphragm expanding the stomach in and out instead of the chest. This allows the back chest and shoulders to relax more than by breathing through chest expansion. Star to focus on the breath breathing in four seconds breathing out four seconds. Balance the top of your head over the base of your spine stacking your vertebrae on top of each other feel the breath go up and down the spine to keep it strong and balanced. For the first few minutes simply practice the art of letting go, scan and feel your body releasing and relaxing any stiff parts in your body, pure relaxation and bliss just let go and relax.

The more time consuming part of a meditation practice is to learn how to let go of the mind. The mind will wander and jump from random thought to random thought. This is the process of learning to turn inward and discover a better self understanding. Remember it is a process that takes time so don't rush or push just let go and relax pure bliss.

Erik has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years and practices daily. He is simply passing on any information learned through self realization and knowledge from the real yoga and meditation masters. He runs a massage yoga and meditation website in Orange County.

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