Enhance Your Meditative Experience With Woody, Aromatically Calming Essential Oils

Inhalation of essential oils during your meditation practice can create a sense of comfort for you while magnifying your meditation experience. Familiarity with these scents can even induce the meditative feelings. You can choose an essential oil to inhale during your meditation practice for health, emotional, or personal preferences. Frankincense, Elemi, and Myrrh are three essential oils you can use to heighten your senses while they work to clear emotions.

Certainly Frankincense is the most commonly diffused oil associated with meditation. It's aromatic, woody; fragrance deepens your contemplative experience and creates associations that welcome you to continue to practice. As a result of inhaling the diffused oil while you are patiently observing your breath it calms yet awakens you to a deeper state of your being. In addition while you are enjoying its aroma it is working behind the scenes gently soothing your brain. Indeed Frankincense is the most mystifying of oils.

Another essential oil that can enhance your meditation practice is Elemi. Even though it is better known for soothing tired muscles it also calms and soothes the mind. Elemi gently supports you while you transition through the inflows and outflows of your breaths and sensitively frees conflicting or lingering thoughts as they surface. Increasing consciousness and awareness by diffusing Elemi while meditating can softly lure away dwelling on unwanted thoughts.

In the same way Myrrh can uplift and refresh your meditations. Most importantly this oil can defeat and penetrate any hostile thoughts that arise and it can lead you to a more tranquil state of being. Myrrh is an oil to use when you are particularly stressed. When you inhale this oil it positively influences your hypothalamus creating a balanced state of awareness. With this in mind just like Myrrh calms your stress it can also conquer other emotional outbursts in the mind as they surface to catch your attention.

Not all thoughts are threatening. Some just want to stay with you. Overtime patterns develop to help you escape from a mundane, unproductive, or unpredictable reality. Clearing your mind while freeing restful space to open to your inner creativity can enhance your journey through life as well as help you complete unfinished projects.

At any rate Frankincense, Elemi, and Myrrh are three distinctively different woody essential oils that you can rely on to enhance your meditation experience. These three oils are in part made up of different types of sesquiterpene chemical constituents which can have a sedative effect. Each of these oils can captivate and allure you through their aroma to find a more peaceful state of mind. Discovering pleasurable associations through the senses can also reinforce the calming benefits you receive through your meditative practice.

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