The Aspects Of Chakra Meditation

People in all walks of life are involved in using meditation to improve their quality of life. They have found that they can be peaceful and have a happier life by freeing themselves of daily problems and cares, even for a short period of time. Many are well aware of the chakra meditation that is involved with specific points in a person's body.

They are identified as seven energy points in a person's body. They have significant meanings and are located in a straight line from the end of the spine to the top of the head. They represent the human energetic system, which is shown to be on a vertical axis.

These centers have different significant influences on a person's physical condition, personality and feelings. Such things as the body's health, emotions of love and desires and one's communication ability are just a few things that are listed as pertaining to these locations. A chakra chart is available, on the Internet that clearly shows the location and influences of these energy centers.

It is believed that when one of these centers becomes 'dirty' they can be put restored to their original state with meditation. It is a problem believed caused by various things such as poor eating, bad attitudes and so forth that influence a specific center. When doing this technique, one is concentrating on making a particular energy category return to its previous, healthy condition.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Each energy center is represented by a color so one exercise that is popular is concentrating on a gemstone of that particular color. For example, the color for the heart chakra, which is located in the center of the chest, is green. A person with a love problem might concentrate on an emerald.

It is suggested that the best way to do this type of meditation is through the use of Yoga and Pranayam as, it is said, they are essentially the science of Chakra activation. It is also said that this will allow a human to achieve their highest potential. When deciding to try anything of this kind, it is important that it be done under the instruction of someone who is well acquainted with the techniques involved.

The chakra meditation consists mainly of getting in a comfortable position, relaxing and placing one's entire concentration on each of the energy category and, by doing this, it will pinpoint the problem and help restore its energy.

The majority of exercises are done in a yoga position, although it may also be done sitting on a chair.

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