Looking At Christian Meditation Techniques

Christian meditation is not usually done in the same manner as most methods. Most techniques involve an Eastern or a New Age type of thinking, whereas Christian methods basically focus on prayer and understanding what the word of God means to them. The word of God is usually interpreted as passages and writings taken from the Bible. It may be Old Testament or New Testament, and here is information to help give you a little better understanding.

The Process

Many people believe that there is no right or wrong way to go about meditating on the Bible or the word of God. It may be as simple as a bedtime prayer. People often take a great deal of time with their bedtime prayers. They may go over everything that they experience during the day. If they are guilty of wrongdoing, they seek forgiveness, and if they are need of something, they ask for it. Often times, they may present a detailed explanation of what they need and desire.

A lot of people like to start their day off with prayer. They believe that it gets them in closer contact with God, and this may bring them peace or revelations during their working day. They may incorporate bedtime and morning prayer as a way to meditate on things that are wrong in their lives, or to start their day on a positive note.

Reading Scripture

Some people will meditate as they read the Bible. Before they start, they will seek guidance and understanding of the word of God. This is best done in a very quiet environment. It is best if you are not disturbed as you read, and a good way to start is to let the book fall open to a passage and begin to read. This can sometimes be seen as divine guidance on things that are bothering you in life. As you read, the words can have a special significance.

Affirmation Prayers

Many religious people use affirmation prayers to meditate and concentrate on what they wish to achieve. A very popular prayer is simply called, "The Lord's Prayer". In this prayer, you ask for daily bread and forgiveness. You also ask for guidance and deliverance from temptation. When affirmation prayers are recited over and over, they can become a part of the consciousness. They also can help to bring a calmness and peace to the body, mind, and soul.

Christian meditation is not usually thought of with most techniques. However, it can be just as powerful and fulfilling as any other method. Morning and evening prayers can be an important part of your life. Reading the Bible in a quiet environment and meditating, can be an enlightening experience. Affirmation prayers can bring spiritual guidance and inner strength to those that ask for it.

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