The Benefits Of Sleep Meditation

There is nothing worse than tossing and turning when trying to get some sleep. Knowing that one must get up and go to work the next day or that an important interview is pending does nothing to improve the situation. Taking sleeping pills, in many cases, makes one so groggy that the next day one does not function correctly. The relief for this problem, for many people, has been found in the use of sleep meditation.

Meditation is a method of relaxation through simple exercises that will clear the mind of all thoughts. It brings a sensation of peace and contentment, which is necessary for a good night's rest. This is something that is very easy to do once one has conquered the techniques.

There are a number of different methods offered so it might take some searching to find out exactly what will work in any particular case. Fortunately, in today's high tech world, it is possible to locate a number of Internet sites that give excellent directions concerning this type of meditation. It is a good idea to experiment with a selected method a number of times before discarding and going on to another one.

One of the methods which seems to work well with some people is called Progressive Muscle Relaxing. Starting at the foot one concentrates on completely relaxing all the muscles. When the foot is relaxed the legs are next. This is continued upward, through the entire body, to the head. This gives an all over feeling of complete release from earthly bonds and allows one's body to accept the idea of sleep.

Another technique is abdominal breathing. Lying in bed, one breathes from the abdomen, where the hands are placed, and one concentrates entirely on the breathing. This brings a calming feeling by focusing on something other than the problems that are floating around in the mind. This technique is often used by those who work at hypnotherapy.

Other things that help to assist the meditation be more effective are a quiet room with little or no light. Some find that a soft music in the background is also calming. Anyone who has had massages knows that there is always a soft, usually oriental, music in the background to assist in complete relaxation.

The secret to having a good night's sleep is, of course, complete relaxation. It is not going to occur when one's mind is cluttered with all the cares of the day or anticipation of things to come. It is essential to clear the mind of all these thoughts if rest is to be realized.

This is what sleep meditation is all about.

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