Meditation Techniques for Relaxation

Meditation, the process through which we can make first contact to our true inner selves, open our mind and search for answers to our most deepest problems, or just relax every group of muscles in our body and relieve the tension. Sounds good right? Never heard of it? Well even if you have I'm going to lay down some of the relaxation techniques out there, actually classified by researchers this way.

The guys doing the researching classify the meditation techniques for relaxation into two categories: the concentrative ones and the non-concentrative ones. The first category, the concentrative meditation techniques for relaxation involve focusing on an object that's outside of one's self like a sound or a flame burning from a candle, or a lighter, you get the picture. The non-concentrative meditation on the other hand can include a broader focus of one's surroundings like the sound of your environment, one's own breathing or even internal body states. These two categories are the basic categories of meditation, but there are so many different ways to meditate that it would take me to write a whole book about it, not only an article. I'll present below the basic categories of meditation so you will understand them and realize how they differ from one another, so you will make a general idea.

First we will talk about the "Focused Meditation Techniques". With this technique you focus on something intently but you must not think about it. You can focus on a concept, like unconditional love, or on something visual like a glass or a statue, you can focus on something auditory like the sound of the birds or waves or even on something constant as your own breathing. Focusing on this last one is the easiest way to reach the meditation state. The concept behind meditation is simple. You have to think of yourself as a basic observer and focus on something, but just let the little narrative voice in your head do all the talking.

The second type of meditation technique for relaxation is called simply "The Basic Meditation Technique". This one requires a comfortable position when starting and just trying to quiet your mind and think of nothing. This can be tricky if you have an untrained mind, but you'll get the grip of it eventually. The concept of this type of meditation technique is about the same as in the Focused Meditation Technique.

The third type of Meditation Techniques for Relaxation is the Activity-Oriented Techniques. Activities like gardening or working on a painting or practicing yoga, even walking and concentrating on the steps you are taking, frees your mind and allows your brain to shift.

The last kind of meditation I want to tell you about is the "Mindfulness Technique". This form of meditation can be confused with the Activity-Oriented Technique because it involves staying in the present moment and not thinking about the future or the past. It involves living the moments one by one in the present, then letting them go.

Whichever meditation technique you decide to use, its benefits are proven by scientist and you will tell from the first successful meditation session that they are right.

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